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Some men I have watched getting thrashed!

As promised, although a little tardier than I had hoped… here are the next round of updates for your perusal, seeing grown men reduced to blubbering wrecks by their beautiful dominant mistresses is becoming more of a turn on for me… I don’t know why, perhaps this is the reason I restarted this blog again… but it also gives me an excuse to start viewing more material… the following aren’t new, but they are faves of mine as I delve into my man spanking archives to bring you these little beauts!


I know Zoe well, and of course am well aware of her films, mainly from her own site StrictMistressZoe.com and would recommend her to anyone who reads this – go see Zoe’s site, she has turned into one of the most feared female punishment dommes around… seriously, beware any mumbling, stumbling fella to dare cross her or annoy this haughty beauty in any way! Of course, the guys are so scared they fuck up everytime so we get to see Zoe do what she does best… and oh boy, does she look sexy doing it too! *yum!*

smz44-040 smz44-042

smz44-044 smz44-0291

See the girls enjoy slapping his bare bottom as hard as they can! When cultures clash it can be a painful experience for the male involved and this Female Domination video starring sexy Miss Zoe and Miss Carmen P demonstrates that all too well when a businessman from India turns up at a FemDom session thinking he is going to give orders to THESE two women like he does to his employees! Miss Zoe and Miss Carmen VERY SOON put his mind at rest on that issue! For it is THEM who will be giving the orders and they have an all together different plan of action for THIS session when he makes his requests known!
WARNING! This Punishment Video contains feminization, hard FemDom Fm spanking, ass worship, humiliating face slapping and much more!



Zoe also appears at one of the main FemDom sites around from the UK, that is the well known and renowned Strict Women – you can check her out (with her sis) and another film I enjoyed of another regular domme called Rebekah (she’s stunning!) at another related site afterwards!

See of Zoe AND her sister (below) punish a sexual harrasser!


He is a sexual harasser and now these girls are going to harass his ass! Beautiful Mistress Zoe and her sexy real life sister Natasha torment the very naughty Lorne. He learns quickly that Mistress Zoe’s sister Natasha can spank really hard just like Zoe as she beats his sorry bare bottom with some straps and paddle. Watch  as Mistress Zoe approves of the deep shade of red Natasha has made by smacking his stinging sore bottom like a naughty boy! Natasha gives her spanking arm some good exercise and the results are a very sore bottom for sorry ass Lorne… Zoe gives him some hard smacking too with a leather paddle because she is mean like that! (lol)

sw173-021 sw173-032

sw173-036 sw173-058 sw173-066


See the full humiliating bare bottom spanking at STRICT WOMEN


& FINALLY, AS PROMISED…Miss Rebekah punishes this well known male sub, who is brilliantly pathetic and a shame to all mankind… meet Mike – humiliated by Rebekah!


Beautiful Miss Rebekah wearing sexy Lingerie is a picture of dominance as she takes the naughty man and shows him pain like never before! The brunette beauty has a mean hand she uses to spank naughty men till their bottoms are unbelievably bright shades of red!

IFD08-012 IFD08-014

IFD08-017 IFD08-021

IFD08-025 IFD08-033 IFD08-041

As Miss Rebekah walks into the kitchen she discovers Mike at the sink hand washing her knickers. This is a job reserved only for Higher Regarded Male Creatures and he is certainly not highly regarded by Miss Rebekah! Demanding an explanation, Miss Rebekah is horrified to hear from Mike that the male she had instructed to wash her knickers, Dodgy Dave (more on him NEXT TIME!), had decided he had ‘better things’ to do and had asked Mike if he could cover for him whilst he washed Miss Amy’s knickers in the sink as Miss Amy had instructed.This reason does not wash with Miss Rebekah one iota and after an obligitary underpants inspection, Miss Rebekah informs Mike that he is going to receive a very sound bare bottom spanking.Of course even after the very severe paddling that he gets in this video (which to this day he says was one of the hardest he had ever endured… and it showed!) the punishment is not going to end here for Mike as he has now been stripped of Higher Regarded Male status and so can not now wash Miss Amy’s underwear as she has instructed him to do! And Miss Amy is not used to being disobeyed!
Not even at the Institute of Feminine Discipline where the building is filled with the most chronically ill behaved males in the country!


Check out the full nasty film HERE of stunning Rebekah giving pathetic Mike a proper whacking!


Back with more updates very soon… and of course I shall be reporting on Dodgy Dave’s exploits from the past too! The Internet is like a cruel mistress… she never forgets! 😉

Strict Women don’t take any crap!

“A hand tawsing? Why thank you, Mistress Amy!”
This worm is completely under her control as you’ll see and she isn’t satisfied until his pathetic snivelling is deserved with a very painful sore red bottom!

Amy Hunter raises her hand high in the air & brings it down “SMAAAACK!” as hard as she can.

“Let’s see your miserable wobbling bottom so I can give it a damned hard thrashing!”

No mercy this time as she whacks his ass redder & redder until he cries out loudly in pain!

Alexis’s strict wife, Miss Joanne has grounded him for 2 weeks for bad behaviour but as she decided she would go out, Alexis thought he would be safe disobeying his strict wife and having a game of snooker instead. Little did he realise Miss Amy, his sister in law had been asked to pop round and babysit him! The earth is about to cave in now for Alexis as he faces the music for his disobedience with strict Miss Amy!s

See stunning women treating grown men like naughty little boys only at STRICT WOMEN

Mistress Zoe – Do NOT Mess with her!

OMG!!! Classic Mistress Zoe as she gets wild on Mike’s sorry ass!

Hell hath no fury like a woman scourned is the saying… but when that woman is Miss Zoe, that is doubly so! Make no mistake, when Miss Zoe catches her boyfriend looking at other dominant women on femdom sites on t’Interwebs she makes him pay big time in a way! The Strict Zoe way!


Gorgeous vixen Miss Zoe gets HOT HARD AND HEAVY on Dave’s trembling bare bottom!

Dave gets just that as he bends over on all fours with his butt sticking out at Miss Zoe for punishment. Miss Zoe swings that strap high and uses it to color Dave’s behind deep red all over making it hurt very much indeed!

Cheating at cards earns Dodgy Dave a prize he had not bargained for! A new game invented by Miss Chloe with her rules and her consequences! Miss Zoe has great fun but Dodgy Dave’s worshipful smiles soon turn to anguish as the spanking gets harder and more determined! OUCH!!!

It does not take long before his bare cheeks are flaming HOT!

See the full hard spanking at STRICT MISTRESS ZOE …CLICK HERE for the free tour



Jodie Karnell – beware this beauty!

Cripes! I’m sorry I haven’t updated this blog sooner, I have been busy elsewhere, it’s such a pain updating outdated links going back years on my other blogs but it was something I had to do (to be honest it really pisses me off that I have to spend time on certain site networks and change their outdated links, but that is the pitfalls of blogging, especially if you are promoting some sites – sigh). In the meantime and if you are reading this today, you are only amongst a select few as I haven’t really made this blog that public yet… but I will intend to very soon and update it as often as I can on a daily basis, if possible… so this will become a great place to check out girls doing what the title of this blog suggests! “Thrashing Boys” (or submissive men… it’s a subject I have long been fascinated in and have at last decided to blog about it and promote the best sites that have attracted my interest). I have also witnessed many guys thrashed at parties and fully understand the power of switching over… I may even incorporate some future films at my own spanking site AAAspanking.com in the near future, but of course that all depends on the guys and models I can get in 🙂

OK, so as this title suggests, I have seen Jodie domme for quite a while now, she tends to mainly appear at Strict Women so I will focuss some images and updates of this most beautiful girl… who I had the pleasure myself to introduce to spanking way back in 2007 when she received her very 1st online spanking and “boy” has she come along since then! I’d still love to thrash her myself… but I hear she prefers to dominate men now and she’s very good at it… but “never say never” and the last time I saw her spanked at a film shoot was just over a year ago.

I promised not to waffle, do I need sorting out? Maybe, & I’d probably let Jodie do it… would she let me kiss her bottom, or sniff her knickers & take in her sweet female scent like the dirty pervert I am or this fella here? I highly doubt it, & no doubt she’d thrash me like her poor long suffering sub and you know what? I think it would be worth it, eh? Well, I’d have to give a reason to paddle my bare bottom!!!

Jodie gets off on telling older men and father figures what to do! I won’t go into the psychologu of that but just check out more of this beauty as she has featured in many films at StrictWomen.com

Isn’t she simply stunning? I actually imagined myself with my trousers down, Jodie shouting at me that I was worthless and she was thrashing me looking like that, it got me quite breathless thinking about it!!! If you want to see MORE of Jodie in these many dominant roles then you can check out the extensive tour pages of Strict Women HERE

The below images were taken from a recent update as Jodie catches her man rummaging through old style porn mags and fetish magazines and she thoroughly disapproves of her pervert hubby so she knows just EXACTLY what he should do to get back in her good books! Grovelling, foot worship and a bare bottom spanking might placate this hot temptress!

Dirty fetish magazines read in secret infuriate Jodie so she thinks up a variety of humiliating punishment scenarios for her wayward hubby until she thinks he has learnt his lesson not to keep secrets from her!

Check out more of Jodie dominating her menfolk that let her down (I think they do it on purpose!)

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