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Classic Man Spanking from Shadowlane

The Shadowlane website HERE has a selection of F/M films, many of which were made many years ago and have been lovingly restored to best possible quality (it’s very watchable… as I have just seen this one below). It’s called Sore Losers and stars a hapless young man called Todd… he has just been spanked by Cheslea Pfeiffer (reason enough for his bottom to be a glowing red) – but here, i thought I’d like to concentrate on a particular spanking scene where he receives the second part of his ongoing session at the hands and over the lap of Virginia Lewis whilst Chelsea takes position to scold and mock him further, adding to his humiliation!

It’s pretty darned hot… and well worth taking a look further, this website will appeal to those who like the sexier and more intimate style of punishments, and will REALLY appeal to switches… as shown by this little gem of a film!

Images and free clip c/o Shadowlane.com

shadowlane spanking bare exposed spanking punishment spanking 2 3 (1) telling him off before spanking his sorry ass embarrassed man given a spanking by a woman bare bottom spanking F/M spankings 5 6 (1) embarrassing OTK spanking

The full story… Todd finds that he’s disturbed the wrong two women in the second half of Sore Losers. Chelsea drags Todd into her suite, where she and Virginia righteously administer to the hapless young man a spanking to rival the one they have just heard him give his girlfriend in the next room! In this scene… Todd goes over Virginia’s knee for his second bare bottom session of the day. The naughty lad endures plenty of mocking, teasing and sharp scolding from both of these dominant ladies while receiving his correction.

OK… I know how you guys LOVE Chelsea as a dominant… so here’s a couple of pics and a great trailer of her punishing naughty boy Todd  (Some would say he is lucky, lol!)

OTK spanking chels1 prone on the spanking bench spanking bench Chelsea spanking Todd OTK


Computer Nerd given a Spanking

This is a highly satisfying new film from ClareSpanksmen.com since it stars the namesake of the site, Clare Fonda – Yes! She’s back and giving a good hard humiliating OTK spanking to Kade – A long time co-star of this website and one guy I love seeing having to pull down his pants for the best Matriarchal Spanking Cougar out there! Clare LOVES spanking fit, younger guys and so she doesn’t hold back when she is presented ANY opportunity to do so… as in the case of nerdboy Kade in this Geek Spanking Festival. His firm toned cheeks are expertly spanked to a shameful burning red by Clare whilst she indulges in some of her own unique scolding methods that shame and embarrass anyone caught over her lap for a good old fashioned pants down spanking!

Kade spanked in the Officethe latest film out NOW

Clare Spanks Men latest video Kade pisses off Clare Fonda for a spanking spanked over jeans unbuckling his belt for a spanking pulling down his underwear for punishment OTK spanked OTK in his undies spanking Clare spanks kade hard ass grabbing his butt humiliating him with a hairbrush Clare whacks her young boy hairbrush spanking over her knee hairbrush spanking of men OTK hairbrush spanking rubbing his sore and red bottom

This lady is not happy with the way this computer nerd works or treats her. When she has had enough of his lip, Clare puts him over her knee and teaches him the real meaning of customer service with a sound hand and hairbrush spanking.


Clare Spanks Men

Painful Spanking Evaluations

Kay Richards

Kay Gives a Painful Office Evaluation

002 hand spanking 004 005 thrashing his bare butt 007 naughty boys get a spanking thrashings and cleavage 010 011 012 a spanking over her knee he views her legs as he is spanked hard 015

Kay Richards (Kymberly Jane) gives a worker an evaluation. If he expects a raise, he must take a long, hard, painful spanking that includes her hand and a variety of paddles. She doesn’t care if someone walks in and sees him over her knee getting this spanking, she tells him, because he deserves it!


See MORE of sexy Kay’s wicked domination & spanking vids of hapless boys & men HERE

Time for some Fem Dom Spanking Action

It has been far too long since we last reported here and we are looking at updating thsi blog and its look so for now… we will try to report on something or post at least once a day in order to get this blog back on track reporting on all things Fem Dom!

Here is a fantastic way to start with a new film from ClareSpanksMen.com – it features a fantastic cosplay semi POV style spanking of our male victim which we can imagine part of the time is ourselves… check it out, At least for that awesome  costume of “The Supreme Being” – this was from my favorite all time movie “The 5th Element” – we can all dream that it is really Mila Jovovich that is spanking our poor butts back here on Earth, lol!

The Supreme Spanking

get ready for your spanking over my lap now!


OTK spanking spanked over her lap spanking spanked by Miss spanked hard

The Supreme Being stops this man (in POV style) from doing any more robberies by spanking him long and hard with hand and paddle. This fantasy is a little less domestic than the usual scene, but it offers something for our superheroine/spanking fans. Introduces Ingrid Mouth.

pov view of her legs wielding the Paddle punishment paddling spankings paddled hard on the bare bottom pov spankings paddling and spanking Yes Ma'am


click here to view more FemDom Spankings


Watch out guys… we’re back to bust your balls!!!


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