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Painful Spanking Evaluations

Kay Richards

Kay Gives a Painful Office Evaluation

002 hand spanking 004 005 thrashing his bare butt 007 naughty boys get a spanking thrashings and cleavage 010 011 012 a spanking over her knee he views her legs as he is spanked hard 015

Kay Richards (Kymberly Jane) gives a worker an evaluation. If he expects a raise, he must take a long, hard, painful spanking that includes her hand and a variety of paddles. She doesn’t care if someone walks in and sees him over her knee getting this spanking, she tells him, because he deserves it!


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Time for some Fem Dom Spanking Action

It has been far too long since we last reported here and we are looking at updating thsi blog and its look so for now… we will try to report on something or post at least once a day in order to get this blog back on track reporting on all things Fem Dom!

Here is a fantastic way to start with a new film from ClareSpanksMen.com – it features a fantastic cosplay semi POV style spanking of our male victim which we can imagine part of the time is ourselves… check it out, At least for that awesome  costume of “The Supreme Being” – this was from my favorite all time movie “The 5th Element” – we can all dream that it is really Mila Jovovich that is spanking our poor butts back here on Earth, lol!

The Supreme Spanking

get ready for your spanking over my lap now!


OTK spanking spanked over her lap spanking spanked by Miss spanked hard

The Supreme Being stops this man (in POV style) from doing any more robberies by spanking him long and hard with hand and paddle. This fantasy is a little less domestic than the usual scene, but it offers something for our superheroine/spanking fans. Introduces Ingrid Mouth.

pov view of her legs wielding the Paddle punishment paddling spankings paddled hard on the bare bottom pov spankings paddling and spanking Yes Ma'am


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Watch out guys… we’re back to bust your balls!!!


Strict Women don’t take any crap!

“A hand tawsing? Why thank you, Mistress Amy!”
This worm is completely under her control as you’ll see and she isn’t satisfied until his pathetic snivelling is deserved with a very painful sore red bottom!

Amy Hunter raises her hand high in the air & brings it down “SMAAAACK!” as hard as she can.

“Let’s see your miserable wobbling bottom so I can give it a damned hard thrashing!”

No mercy this time as she whacks his ass redder & redder until he cries out loudly in pain!

Alexis’s strict wife, Miss Joanne has grounded him for 2 weeks for bad behaviour but as she decided she would go out, Alexis thought he would be safe disobeying his strict wife and having a game of snooker instead. Little did he realise Miss Amy, his sister in law had been asked to pop round and babysit him! The earth is about to cave in now for Alexis as he faces the music for his disobedience with strict Miss Amy!s

See stunning women treating grown men like naughty little boys only at STRICT WOMEN

Beware! Cougar Clare & friends are on the prowl!

About time I updated this ere blog so here we go again, it’s not that I’ve lost interest in this subject… “OH NO!” – I have just been so so busy!!! So here we go again, I hope to update this far more often again!

I have always loved the fact that Clare pays her handsome men well… in an industry that exploits guys, especially the older ones that will do this sort of thing for free… it is good that the top male subs in America are paid accordingly… after all, I know how grueling a day shift filming cam be… I’m off to do a filmshoot this weekend… so it seems only fair that male actors, especially those taking the “brunt” of the thrashings, whether they are into it or not… should receieve compensation… after all, Clare uses lots of pretty boys like Kade below (who might have model dates elsewhere and get marked up). Now I have to say I’m starting to develop a male spanking crush on him… See why I wouldn’t mind thrashing his tight bun cheeks myself… and also the added bonus of being bent over Clare and her naughty girls laps gives me goosebumps…. what the heck is happening to me? LOL!

Check out the free galleries from CLARE SPANKS MEN and see for yourself why I rate this site so highly!

Check out all the very latest goings on with Clare & friends and the unfortunate (or fortunate depending on how you see it)  guys that fall into their clutches! It’s HOt stuff, so be careful! I have a horrible feeling i’d fall under Clare’s spell too!


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