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Strap-On Spanking Punishments

fuck me with your strap- on

Really? Well… if some of you subbie sluts really want this then check out a couple of memorable and humiliating Femdom punishments involving a lot of pain for the men (and pleasure for the women mentally and physically!)

Divine Bitch: Goddess Aiden Starr with her slave: Drake Temple

3119213_3_o 3119213_4_o 3119213_5_o Aiden Starr fucks him hard with a strapon dildoing his asshole 3119213_11_o

Drake arrives with his usual too-cool, ego driven attitude, but Goddess Aiden Starr quickly rips that attitude right from his pretty little face, until the only thing left is Drake, having to face his demons and accept his place in life at the foot of a true goddess. Whipping, painful electrocution, spanking, clamps, bondage, prostate milking, strap-on fucking and sex with denial are all included.

3119213_12_o Drake Temple tastes Aiden Starr's pussy

Does Drake even deserve to come back for two more days to finish his training, or should we just keep him locked away forever?

fucking her slave Aiden Starr with her slave Alex

Maitresse’s Evaluation:

strip ego – break him down
pain acceptance – endure and love pain
pleasure giving – learn to give pleasure selflessly

Closing assessment:
Has a lot to learn – has not fully let go & wants to accept his kinkiness
but hard time facing them and eager to please in his own way.

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Allowing yourself to being fucked up the ass with a strap on by a pretty but mean and strict woman (for a well built strong guy) is the ultimate in submission… accept she is in charge and do as she says and there is the hope that you may have pleased your mistress and she may reward you further with her body – but only if you are a “good boy!” First, you must be her bitch!

3028252_1_o spanking his hot ass facesitting smothering his face with her bare ass fucking him with her strapon 3028252_6_o 3028252_7_o humiliating fucking by a strong woman 3028252_9_o 3028252_10_o see his ass fucked by her strap on penis hot femdom humiliation of men

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guys get fucked and spanked

Spanked & Fucked by his Girlfriend

Hmmm, this is what happens when you lose the respect of your long suffering girlfriend… she’ll either leave or confront you… or worse, as in Tom’s case here – treat you like a dirty little fucktoy if you think she’s worth keeping… then you’d do anything, right? This is how Sara turns the tables on her young immature boyfriend. The following events have a remarkable turnaround in their fortunes as she finds out her BF is naturally submissive and took her humiliating ordeal with grace – as she spanked and fucked HIM – they both found a new level of respect for each other! Check out this attractive couple and what she did to Tom to change things around!


Tom came home from a night partying at a friends house. His girlfriend Sara overheard him talking on the phone about how he touched another girl’s ass and wished he could have fucked her. Sara was extremely pissed off and pulled out her strap on. She told him he was about to pay for being so disrespectful. She made Tom suck on her strap on, then get fucked extremely hard in his tight virgin ass!

2 spanking her boyfriend OTK Spanking 5 6 7 8 9 he sucks her strap on 11 12 fucked in the ass with her strap on

Forced to suck the strap on and lubricate it with his own spit before she thrust it up his tight hole… he started to get hard feeling this helpless but tried not to let on to his girlfriend and he discovered she was far better and more versatile than any girl he had ever known! He was her fucktoy now! – and he liked it!

tight virgin ass  fucked deep 0053 0089 femdom

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Guys Punished, Shafted & Humiliated by Women!

As the title suggests, there’s only one place for this and that is Guys Get Fucked and that is precisely what happens when they meet these strong women who totally dominate these submissives, bareing their bottoms to spank and thrash them before making them the receiving end of a huge dildo… and where that goes is NOT their choice! Madame will decide whther to fuck her sissy man hard up the ass or make him grovel and suck that schlong like the little crybaby he is!

See Physically strong men go weak and submissive with untold perversions performed on their grovelling bodies! This is addictive viewing for those that like to see men getting what is coming to them at the hands of capable women! All images below lead to free galleries and more info, if you’re interested!

These are just some of the recent updates that you can see as men are anally humiliated, with dildos, strap ons, temperature takings and made to suck off these instruments or shemales that are brought in to fully humiliate these once strong guys! On top of that they are verbally abused  and physically chastised with spankings and embarrassing over the knee discipline fully naked! Check out the extensive tour pages and see the latest movies now being released HERE

Come here you little worm!

See what happens when this lazy hired help is caught surfing the Net for porn when he should have been working hard! He’ll wish he hadn’t been looking at those strap on movies as she shows him who is boss with a full on nasty hard bare bottom spanking, lots of verbal humiliation and to finally teach him some manners and make sure this sissy boy is fully submissive, she brings out her strap-on dildo and fucks his tight virgin ass for the very 1st time. He may have been humiliated but she allowed him to take some pleasure from it as he made a real mess of himself jerking off his swollen boyish cock as she fucked him hard, missionary style! See some more really hot images from this movie below: Courtesy of Guys Get Fucked


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