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Sometimes men need to be spanked by men too!

When I started this blog I made the fatal mistake of not including men spanking men, I will not always focus on this, ov course, as this blog is primarily about girls spanking men and so on… but it’s a subject that won’t be ignored as it is so popular, I will always place a warning in future on this blog so for those that don’t want to see the post… just move on. As I slowly get into this blog and start to update more regularly, I aim to keep about 20% of posts primarily for men on men spankings, they aren’t always sexual in nature… but some might be – spanking is an erotic subject, it’s not just about punishment as we all know, so I hope that you good folk don’t mind if I post about thsi here from time to time rather than start up a new site 🙂

This is a brief one, but this caught my eye, “Hazing” is such an American term, after all, here in the UK, we don’t even have Frat Houses for the students, they just club together, find cheap accomation then go out and throw up in the streets every Friday and saturday night in our fine cities… binge drinkingand so on. Now there’s a subject for a discipline topic… but I shall reserve that for another time. Check out the hazing rituals at this site that has some of the cutest guys I’ve seen who I just don’t care who spanks them… they get it good though! Oh my!!!

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Frat hazing: Where you will see Fraternity Hazing Videos With Hot Fraternity Boys Getting Hazed, Humiliated, Paddled, Tormented, and Abused.

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