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Spanking Tai Crimson

It’s been a while since I last updated this femdom spanking blog so here goes with a cracking film which had been shown recently at Clare Spanks Men – it features a video – spanking Tai Crimson (who I think looks HOT in this short sharp shock spanking and punishment film). The spanker? None other than the gorgeous Alex Reynolds… she plays his step sister in this brat spanking extravaganza.

I will refer to Tai as “he” in this scene as the role is that of a bratty step brother… however, Tai is extremely gender fluid at the moment and starting the transition taking estrogen shots (or oestrogen in British English). However, in this video, Tai plays the bratty brother of Alex to perfection… getting a deserved and well smacked butt (just take a look at the images below and you’ll see what I mean!)


Alex Reynolds can’t get over how bratty her step brother Tai is and because their mothers aren’t doing anything at all to discipline him, she takes it upon herself to put him over her knee for a long, hard spanking with her hand and a wooden bath brush.

002 003 004 005 006 otk spanking bare bottom femdom spanking 009 otk hairbrush for Tai 011 012 013 014 ouchy bathbrush spanking spanking tai crimson


Clare Spanks Men


POV man Spanking by Gigi Allens

Gigi Allens is simply stunning in this latest POV Man Spanking style film. This Australian babe takes no crap from the men in her life as you’ll see when her weak husband ends up over her knee after a strong scolding! this film allows you to play that husband in this POV-style and there’s a little artistic license as you see the spanking but it is primarily about Gigi spanking… as you’ll see!

Secretly I think her man  likes this as I would LOVE to be over her lap, nestling into her strong thighs as she told me what a bad person I was… but I am  digressing!!! Check out her (un)lucky(?) husband getting a good hard spanking…. (below)

Gigi Allens Spanks Husband in Kitchen


The amazing Gigi Allens is back again, this time spanking her husband (POV) in her kitchen because he is not doing all that she has asked. A stern, strong woman like this will not tolerate disobedience and she puts the shamed man over her knee for a hard spanking he will never forget!

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That’s right… that wooden spoon really hurt and now you’re going to stabnd in the corner like a stupid little boy without being able to rub that sore feeling away while she looks at you and gloats…. to add  further humiliation! Don’t do it again!!!



Lots more HOT girls spanking and punishing men the way they do it in California!


Spanking a Diva Boss

I admit that I am quite poor at receiving a punishment… probably because I prefer my personal spankings to be more sexual… and draped over Sarah’s lap, it’s not hard to work out why! She is without doubt one of the best spankers out there… I’d make a terrible brat and wouldn’t last 5 seconds, but that 10% of me that switches understands real punishment when it is time for that spanking to begin!

Come here for your spanking!

For example: take the lovely sight of Gigi Allens before us… if it was me I’d be thinking “oh boy… this will be good, she is gorgeous, i’ll just grind a bit and enjoy the sensation of her spanking me.” Well, as gorgeous as she looks, she is more akin to an Amazonian woman… this striking 6 ft Australian lady will THRASH your ass to a pulp if you dare assume she is a sexual object when it comes to punishment time.

get over my lap for your spanking

In this new film from ClareSpanksMen.com we see a part POV-esque camera angle – so we see it is Gigi spanking… and of course, she doesn’t go lightly at all… using a nasty stinging bathbrush… so the camera captures these scenes too. I’m too scared to take the bathbrush, I’ve had a few swats myself so fear it completely… I have full respect for those that can take wood like this though… I understand wht it is sometimes needed too! Do go check out this film and many more with stunning Gigi Allens “doing her thing” to us naughty guys!

OTK man spanking Gigi Allens spanks men OTK spanking over his boxers pulling down his boxer shorts for that spanking Gigi spanks hard scolding by Gigi Allens bathbrush OTK spanking 011 bare bottom OTK spanking 013 bathbrush spanking POV angle of being spanked by Gigi

Gigi Allens is tired of how spoiled her diva boss is, so this stunning makeup artist takes matters into her own hands by putting that scoundrel right over her knee for a painful spanking with her hand and wooden bath brush until he learns some manners.

Dominated by mistress Gigi Allens

“That’s it… Get out!” – see MORE at ClareSpanksmen.com

Computer Nerd given a Spanking

This is a highly satisfying new film from ClareSpanksmen.com since it stars the namesake of the site, Clare Fonda – Yes! She’s back and giving a good hard humiliating OTK spanking to Kade – A long time co-star of this website and one guy I love seeing having to pull down his pants for the best Matriarchal Spanking Cougar out there! Clare LOVES spanking fit, younger guys and so she doesn’t hold back when she is presented ANY opportunity to do so… as in the case of nerdboy Kade in this Geek Spanking Festival. His firm toned cheeks are expertly spanked to a shameful burning red by Clare whilst she indulges in some of her own unique scolding methods that shame and embarrass anyone caught over her lap for a good old fashioned pants down spanking!

Kade spanked in the Officethe latest film out NOW

Clare Spanks Men latest video Kade pisses off Clare Fonda for a spanking spanked over jeans unbuckling his belt for a spanking pulling down his underwear for punishment OTK spanked OTK in his undies spanking Clare spanks kade hard ass grabbing his butt humiliating him with a hairbrush Clare whacks her young boy hairbrush spanking over her knee hairbrush spanking of men OTK hairbrush spanking rubbing his sore and red bottom

This lady is not happy with the way this computer nerd works or treats her. When she has had enough of his lip, Clare puts him over her knee and teaches him the real meaning of customer service with a sound hand and hairbrush spanking.


Clare Spanks Men

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