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I hated the design and concept of it from Day One so will be changing this and the direction it takes over the next week or so and then once I’m happy with it, I’ll start posting on a regular basis! I now want a place that covers ALL forms of male and boy spanking/BDSM and humiliation whether it’s at the hands of women OR men so please bear with me, I don’t really want to be writing all this at an extra blog so might just get a new domain and start from there and point this blog to that site with the content already included!

Oops! Eh? I will be back soon, you can see I already have started changing the appearance of the blog as I absolutely detested the old design! That doesn’t help, eh? Don’t worry about the waves in the header for now, that’s just the template setting.

Wicked Stepmother!

I was perusing the fansite of Kami Tora (it’s addictive stuff and I heartily recommend you take a look!) when I came across these amazing illustrations he did for a friend of his, this is part of the storyline for “The Wicked Stepmother” and I gotta say, it’s both hilarious and highly erotic! Classic femdom that covers spankings, milking, domination, humiliation, punishment, ball busting and more… I *love* what’s inside Kami Tora’s head! Hope you do too!

This is what kami had to say about this naughty little project: “I did it for a friend’s doujinshi. It seems the young lad has been using a blow-up doll to relieve his adolescent… urges. What’s worse, the blow-up doll has been fashioned by him to closely resemble his new stepmother! When she finds out, she decides to punish him.”

& of course below is a classic milking scene of 3 tearful men overseen by the nurse… divine!

You can check out MORE of Kami Tora’s work or pop back here as I’m a big fan of his artwork, both in Femdom and female submission…. what you’ll notice is there’s always a lot of “spillages” from both sexes during any of their punishments, whther it’s the tears or they guys dribbling cocks or the girls soaking wet pussies… it’s a visual treat and a wild fantasy which you can see more of HERE

Mistress Zoe – Do NOT Mess with her!

OMG!!! Classic Mistress Zoe as she gets wild on Mike’s sorry ass!

Hell hath no fury like a woman scourned is the saying… but when that woman is Miss Zoe, that is doubly so! Make no mistake, when Miss Zoe catches her boyfriend looking at other dominant women on femdom sites on t’Interwebs she makes him pay big time in a way! The Strict Zoe way!


Gorgeous vixen Miss Zoe gets HOT HARD AND HEAVY on Dave’s trembling bare bottom!

Dave gets just that as he bends over on all fours with his butt sticking out at Miss Zoe for punishment. Miss Zoe swings that strap high and uses it to color Dave’s behind deep red all over making it hurt very much indeed!

Cheating at cards earns Dodgy Dave a prize he had not bargained for! A new game invented by Miss Chloe with her rules and her consequences! Miss Zoe has great fun but Dodgy Dave’s worshipful smiles soon turn to anguish as the spanking gets harder and more determined! OUCH!!!

It does not take long before his bare cheeks are flaming HOT!

See the full hard spanking at STRICT MISTRESS ZOE …CLICK HERE for the free tour



Ridicule & Shameful Punishments

In Remedial Rope Class, the new recruits were a little concerned about why they had joined the Navy!

Hi everyone, it’s been a while, hope the above caption cheered you up, I’m just jesting, the Navy is a fine upstanding service to join for young men… unless it’s the navy of Switzerland (do they have a navy or gunships that patrol Lake Geneva?)

So what have I got for you today? A nice little mixture which should whet your appetite to come back as I aim to update this place far more often… it’s a subject I am fast learning to appreciate fully, and as I warned, I will add some guy/guy stuff too from time to time as I’m too lazy to start another blog about that and there are plenty more fine blogs and sites dedicated to that subject too!

Today, I wanted to cover some humiliation aspects of women mocking us strong chaps… whether that be through embarrassing penis ridicule, clothed girls doing whatever the hell they want to naked guys, smothering, face sitting, strap on humiliation or just plain whacking our bottoms hard with ouchy implements!

So from the pure CFNM network I have some interesting clips and movie updates for you!

Apple Pie from PureCFNM

Click HERE to play this FREE Preview clip

Kai is on the phone to a buddy who tells him that sticking your dick in an apple pie is just like a cunt. By coincidence there is a fresh pie cooling in the kitchen and Kai decides to find out if it he was right. Sadly he is stripped off and in the process of screwing the apple pie when Shay, Daniella and Anna walk in. Shay is angry he has demolished the pie she baked. But when the women sample the pastry they are desperate for more of it and sink to their knees so they can suck it off Kai’s legs. When that is all eaten up they move to his dick and take turns to lick and suck the fruit pastry off his cock! Kai becomes more and more aroused as the three of them give him a blowjob and he loses control and cums all over their beautiful faces. The women exit happy that they got some spunk to go with their apple pie! This naughty boy should have been reprimanded for ruining Shay’s pie but the women didn’t want to waste the pie and ended up giving him a threeway blowjob until he plastered their sexy faces with cream.

See, the ladies do what they want at PureCFNM so if they desire to blow you then they will – it’s not up to you and you don’t have any input in the matter. If you like watching groups of stunning women doing anything they wish with helpless naked guys then click here for more from PureCFNM now.

Now this site has a great bonus site that I love watching… called “Hey Little Dick!” you get it with your membership (or you can purchase it alone) and it’s a massive site in it’s own right but you really should take a peek, laugh at the men with their micro dicks… hopelessly found out and abused, ridiculed and made to try and perform if the girls will let them. These guys take a lot of shit off the girls just to get laid, seems hardly worth it but to watch them squirm… this is an awesome male humiliation site – See some sample movie galleries and what the site is about are below:

OK… getting idea? This is a strangely addictive site and the horror that these guys go through as they face the gauntlet of female mirth! Check out the very latest humiliation for these pencil dicked guys on the home pages HERE or click images below to view


Clare Fonda makes some excellent male spanking movies and I love their point of view aspects too, really involving US… the viewer into imaging being over, say… Clare’s lap. Hell… what do I have to do to be this naughty to deserve that?

“The Dominant Baby Momma!” – Clare plays a common-law wife who has to check her husband when he is not respecting her or the family. She is clad in sweats and means business as you’ll see in this point of view as she teaches him a good hard lesson with her hands and a hairbrush on his bare quivering bottom!

You can see more of Clare and her beautiful girls rip into our butts like a hungry pack of wolves HERE!


Finally, as a treat, I found this amazing, if somewhat disturbing image from one of the best anime artists out there…Kami Tora, who has a vivid imagination over this guy’s milking & punishment! Yikes!

Women Spanking Men Compilation!

This is a wake up call for those guys who still think they can get off treating women like shit when these girls get together, there is no escape for any of us who have bad mouthed our womenfolk… this classic compilation shows just what to expect with some of the hardest male spankings by females I’ve seen in a while without pure nasty BDSM or ball busting … as well as established submissives who discover (to their delight) the switching of roles as they inflict pain, humiliation and total embarrassment on their male colleagues! See what I mean from this collection of classic images and a couple of free play clips I have for you…

If you liked the free previews above check out some more free images below!


Themes of Humiliation

Some amazing images I’ve found and a jokey cartoon along with some very naughty recent updates of us men getting the thrashing we deserve for being pigs to our ladyfolk! Enjoy!!!

I love this image – checking him out whilst he’s praparing her breakfast! I’d love to see him over her knee!

Hmmm, I seem to like the theme of be thrashed during the domestic chores! :)


& onto some naughty guys getting their asses tanned by beautiful strong women who know JUST the right places to teach us all a lesson! I’m withering in compliance already *tremble*

One of the most fearsome ladies I had ever met in person was Mistress Valkerie, now I had the pleasure of seeing her thrash her girls but knew that she genuinely got off humiliating men even more so it was a real treat to stumble across some of her work from The English Mansion – I know British guys are safe for now as she has gone back to the Czech Republic… but airfares are cheap from Prague… so guys… don’t breath a sigh of relief “just yet!”

Check out some choice images of the various pain and punishments that I know real life sadist Miss valkerie enjoyed carrying out! Humiliation, ball busting, severe punishments by her hand and implements, wicked face sitting and a whole lot more degredation! Shhh… I kind of miss her, don’t you?

This is what happens if you don’t do as she says and you are made to fetch the strap and hairbrush, present yourself over her lap and receive an almighty walloping for not doing the washing up! This is a simple no nonsense thrashing which Miss Valkerie ALWAYS enjoyed dishing out at home!

Don’t be fooled if you think simple face sitting with Miss Valkerie is totally pleasurable, it is for her, but only in the knowledge she has complete control over you, pressing down her jeans so tight over your mouth and nose that you struggle to breath yet she is holding your manhood bringing it to a full proud erection, she’s playing alright… and she’ll ruin your orgasm too, because that pleases HER!

Finally the English Mansion (below) did several films of Miss Valkerie in the dungeons, her natural habitat… and her slaves are treated as play objects for her dominant desires…

Restraints, cuffs, strap-ons, oral and anal humiliation and training were all carried out by Miss valkerie on her willing test subjects! Of course, this site isn’t all about her, she made some fantastic guest appearances as shown here (just wait til you see her as a sadistic nurse!!!) but please do go check out The English mansion – sample images are below taken from their fantastic archives… go prostrate yourself and ask for forgiveness at Mistress Sidonia von Bork’s extreme femdom site!