This is the title of the latest Femdom spanking film from the makers of English Spankers and Spanking Sarah comes their latest hot female spanking male film! It stars one of my fave UK fetish models and all round delightful perv, Lola Marie, who I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with on several occasions and hope to again sometime soon! Check out the images below taken directly from the movie and see how she quickly turns the tables on yet another weak man… there’s a switch side to Lola which you gentlemen may not have seen before and it is awesome!

ssm-061004 ssm-061005 ssm-061007 wanking ssm-061011 spanking ssm-061018 ssm-061022 ssm-061024 hairbrush spanking ssm-061033 OTK Spanking ssm-061035

Kodders thinks that he would like a sexy session with the very lovely Lola Marie and calls round to see her. He gets her to strip off and do some naughty things on the bed but then when she demands her money he has to tell her he is skint! She does not take this very well and decides that as he has used her for his pleasure she will now make use of him, of his bare bottom in particular. She is naked on the bed as she makes him lay over her knees for a good hard spanking with her hand and then with the back of her hair brush. This should teach him but will it?



Pathetic Husband

Sarah recalls a story of a weak man humiliated and subjected to further embarrassment for his deceit and lies… read on, this has a great twist to it as you’ll see from these superb promo images of the film (below) – taken from Sarah Spanks Men


spanking and caning

Jess is babysitting for me and I find my pathetic husband in the sitting room groping her. I am not amused when he tells me she is shagging my friends husband. I am going to give her what for! I get my paddle and lay into her bare bottom then I cane her. I then learn the truth, he tried to seduce Jess, OK time to thrash him and who better than a naked Jess. She has never caned a man before but she soon learns and lays into this pathetic specimen like she hates him.

ssm-057004 ssm-057005 ssm-057007 ssm-057008 ssm-057010 ssm-057011 more spanking and caning ssm-057013 ssm-057014 humiliating caning

Watch the full HD film of this miserable husband getting a thrashing he deserves HERE

pathetic husband given a hard spanking and caning

Computer Nerd given a Spanking

This is a highly satisfying new film from since it stars the namesake of the site, Clare Fonda – Yes! She’s back and giving a good hard humiliating OTK spanking to Kade – A long time co-star of this website and one guy I love seeing having to pull down his pants for the best Matriarchal Spanking Cougar out there! Clare LOVES spanking fit, younger guys and so she doesn’t hold back when she is presented ANY opportunity to do so… as in the case of nerdboy Kade in this Geek Spanking Festival. His firm toned cheeks are expertly spanked to a shameful burning red by Clare whilst she indulges in some of her own unique scolding methods that shame and embarrass anyone caught over her lap for a good old fashioned pants down spanking!

Kade spanked in the Officethe latest film out NOW

Clare Spanks Men latest video Kade pisses off Clare Fonda for a spanking spanked over jeans unbuckling his belt for a spanking pulling down his underwear for punishment OTK spanked OTK in his undies spanking Clare spanks kade hard ass grabbing his butt humiliating him with a hairbrush Clare whacks her young boy hairbrush spanking over her knee hairbrush spanking of men OTK hairbrush spanking rubbing his sore and red bottom

This lady is not happy with the way this computer nerd works or treats her. When she has had enough of his lip, Clare puts him over her knee and teaches him the real meaning of customer service with a sound hand and hairbrush spanking.


Clare Spanks Men

Women who know what they want!

I’ll be back soon with some kick ass stuff of guys getting punished by the women they love!
Spanking – Femdom & Punishments of weak male subs!

In the meantime… is this you???


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