Amateur Paddling Spanking Film

There is a very interesting new movie update at this week as Sarah tells us that she is keen to involve real life “femdom” amateurs onto her website along with the very professional films that she makes. This is a nice touch and shows a most realistic and gritty side to some amateur produced stuff such as this. The film quality may not be as good but the action and realism are from a couple who practice their beliefs in their own dungeon which makes this all the more fascinating to view!

Check out some screen images I have for you (below) along with what Sarah Stern had to say about this new introduction and style of spanking & paddling film. If there is any news, I will let you all know here.


femdom spanking girls thrashing men male thrashed ass AM04 wooden paddle AM06 AM07 femdom paddling spanked and paddled AM10 AM11 AM12 femdom amateur mistress femdom paddling bare bottom his bare ass paddled

This is what Sarah had to say: “I have something different again this week, one of my members, an amateur film maker shot a number of short films in his local dungeon some time ago, he did not know what to do with them and has offered them to me. I think they are fresh, erotic and very different and I would like to encourage others to send me their films. I will put a post in my blog so that you will get the idea of what I want and offer. This film features big busty lady she has a very nasty wooden paddle and she has a willing victim bent over. He gets a very comprehensive paddling and it goes to make a real good film and different from anything else I have, let me know what you think.”

paddled by mistress

Check it out for yourselves at this great hard hitting Femdom Site HERE


Painful Spanking Evaluations

Kay Richards

Kay Gives a Painful Office Evaluation

002 hand spanking 004 005 thrashing his bare butt 007 naughty boys get a spanking thrashings and cleavage 010 011 012 a spanking over her knee he views her legs as he is spanked hard 015

Kay Richards (Kymberly Jane) gives a worker an evaluation. If he expects a raise, he must take a long, hard, painful spanking that includes her hand and a variety of paddles. She doesn’t care if someone walks in and sees him over her knee getting this spanking, she tells him, because he deserves it!


See MORE of sexy Kay’s wicked domination & spanking vids of hapless boys & men HERE

Caning Punishment for James

The latest film update to appear today at features a hard caning punishment. The images and storyline from this latest film are below:

Punishment Caning for James

ssm-043001 caning discipline ssm-043004 canings ssm-043007 ssm-043012 caned ssm-043014 ssm-043018

James has been sent to see me by his wife Amanda. I have already punished him but she is not satisfied that he has learnt his lesson. She wants me to cane him and to cane him very hard. I chose two very different canes from my vast selection, a thin whippy one which I start with and a very heavy short cane that has maximum impact. I can tell you by the time I had finished with him he was looking very sorry for himself.

Caning punishment



Spanked & Fucked by his Girlfriend

Hmmm, this is what happens when you lose the respect of your long suffering girlfriend… she’ll either leave or confront you… or worse, as in Tom’s case here – treat you like a dirty little fucktoy if you think she’s worth keeping… then you’d do anything, right? This is how Sara turns the tables on her young immature boyfriend. The following events have a remarkable turnaround in their fortunes as she finds out her BF is naturally submissive and took her humiliating ordeal with grace – as she spanked and fucked HIM – they both found a new level of respect for each other! Check out this attractive couple and what she did to Tom to change things around!


Tom came home from a night partying at a friends house. His girlfriend Sara overheard him talking on the phone about how he touched another girl’s ass and wished he could have fucked her. Sara was extremely pissed off and pulled out her strap on. She told him he was about to pay for being so disrespectful. She made Tom suck on her strap on, then get fucked extremely hard in his tight virgin ass!

2 spanking her boyfriend OTK Spanking 5 6 7 8 9 he sucks her strap on 11 12 fucked in the ass with her strap on

Forced to suck the strap on and lubricate it with his own spit before she thrust it up his tight hole… he started to get hard feeling this helpless but tried not to let on to his girlfriend and he discovered she was far better and more versatile than any girl he had ever known! He was her fucktoy now! – and he liked it!

tight virgin ass  fucked deep 0053 0089 femdom

If you want to see more girls dominating their boyfriends, sleazy neighbors and work colleagues or just Milfs and Cougars playing with toyboys in all manner of embarrassing and humiliating ways from spanking, punishments and strap on play – CLICK HERE for more info!


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