Women Spanking Men Compilation!

This is a wake up call for those guys who still think they can get off treating women like shit when these girls get together, there is no escape for any of us who have bad mouthed our womenfolk… this classic compilation shows just what to expect with some of the hardest male spankings by females I’ve seen in a while without pure nasty BDSM or ball busting … as well as established submissives who discover (to their delight) the switching of roles as they inflict pain, humiliation and total embarrassment on their male colleagues! See what I mean from this collection of classic images and a couple of free play clips I have for you…

If you liked the free previews above check out some more free images below!


Themes of Humiliation

Some amazing images I’ve found and a jokey cartoon along with some very naughty recent updates of us men getting the thrashing we deserve for being pigs to our ladyfolk! Enjoy!!!

I love this image – checking him out whilst he’s praparing her breakfast! I’d love to see him over her knee!

Hmmm, I seem to like the theme of be thrashed during the domestic chores! :)


& onto some naughty guys getting their asses tanned by beautiful strong women who know JUST the right places to teach us all a lesson! I’m withering in compliance already *tremble*

One of the most fearsome ladies I had ever met in person was Mistress Valkerie, now I had the pleasure of seeing her thrash her girls but knew that she genuinely got off humiliating men even more so it was a real treat to stumble across some of her work from The English Mansion – I know British guys are safe for now as she has gone back to the Czech Republic… but airfares are cheap from Prague… so guys… don’t breath a sigh of relief “just yet!”

Check out some choice images of the various pain and punishments that I know real life sadist Miss valkerie enjoyed carrying out! Humiliation, ball busting, severe punishments by her hand and implements, wicked face sitting and a whole lot more degredation! Shhh… I kind of miss her, don’t you?

This is what happens if you don’t do as she says and you are made to fetch the strap and hairbrush, present yourself over her lap and receive an almighty walloping for not doing the washing up! This is a simple no nonsense thrashing which Miss Valkerie ALWAYS enjoyed dishing out at home!

Don’t be fooled if you think simple face sitting with Miss Valkerie is totally pleasurable, it is for her, but only in the knowledge she has complete control over you, pressing down her jeans so tight over your mouth and nose that you struggle to breath yet she is holding your manhood bringing it to a full proud erection, she’s playing alright… and she’ll ruin your orgasm too, because that pleases HER!

Finally the English Mansion (below) did several films of Miss Valkerie in the dungeons, her natural habitat… and her slaves are treated as play objects for her dominant desires…

Restraints, cuffs, strap-ons, oral and anal humiliation and training were all carried out by Miss valkerie on her willing test subjects! Of course, this site isn’t all about her, she made some fantastic guest appearances as shown here (just wait til you see her as a sadistic nurse!!!) but please do go check out The English mansion – sample images are below taken from their fantastic archives… go prostrate yourself and ask for forgiveness at Mistress Sidonia von Bork’s extreme femdom site!

Sometimes men need to be spanked by men too!

When I started this blog I made the fatal mistake of not including men spanking men, I will not always focus on this, ov course, as this blog is primarily about girls spanking men and so on… but it’s a subject that won’t be ignored as it is so popular, I will always place a warning in future on this blog so for those that don’t want to see the post… just move on. As I slowly get into this blog and start to update more regularly, I aim to keep about 20% of posts primarily for men on men spankings, they aren’t always sexual in nature… but some might be – spanking is an erotic subject, it’s not just about punishment as we all know, so I hope that you good folk don’t mind if I post about thsi here from time to time rather than start up a new site :)

This is a brief one, but this caught my eye, “Hazing” is such an American term, after all, here in the UK, we don’t even have Frat Houses for the students, they just club together, find cheap accomation then go out and throw up in the streets every Friday and saturday night in our fine cities… binge drinkingand so on. Now there’s a subject for a discipline topic… but I shall reserve that for another time. Check out the hazing rituals at this site that has some of the cutest guys I’ve seen who I just don’t care who spanks them… they get it good though! Oh my!!!

Click image below for the complete tour!

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Frat hazing: Where you will see Fraternity Hazing Videos With Hot Fraternity Boys Getting Hazed, Humiliated, Paddled, Tormented, and Abused.

Another Perspective Spanking

I have noticed that at ClareSpanksMen.com – they have long developed the technique of involving us in a voyeiristic journey of discovery as we can truly imagine what it is like to be over the laps, with our trousers pulled down, feeling ashamed as we are ordered over their knees to receive whatever humiliating spanking or worse is coming our way!

What’s better is that the girls are stunning and the guys, like you and me, regular guys that have majorly pissed them off in some way! Take the very latest example as Alexis, who is a shit hot spanking sub actress turns the tables on this sneaky plumber as she has unfinished business and you get to see what is coming his way before she paddles him HARD with that monstrous wooden thing as well as a nasty wooden spatula across this guy’s sore bum! Check out the free gallery below and imagine yourself in his shoes… or should that be… with trousers down?

This is the latest movie and has yet another new girl, Alexis… but I have some images taken from a movie in the past showing you what I mean about more point of view spankings and such and this is an example with the incredibly hot Paris Kennedy when Clare featured her at her best – fresh faced, but hiding a very mean streak… I’d literally crawl over hot coals to be over her knees… however, as alluring as that seems at first… could you stand being taunted for not sexually satisfying this sexy siren? There’s never a free ticket to happiness here, you’ll think… “Oh boy, it’s Paris I’m going over the knee of”… then you’ll regret it as she totally humiliates and makes fun out of you… destroying your self confidence completely (I’d still risk it though to be that close to this seductive mistress!)

Check out MORE from this unique beautiful girls punishing naughty men site HERE

Guys Punished, Shafted & Humiliated by Women!

As the title suggests, there’s only one place for this and that is Guys Get Fucked and that is precisely what happens when they meet these strong women who totally dominate these submissives, bareing their bottoms to spank and thrash them before making them the receiving end of a huge dildo… and where that goes is NOT their choice! Madame will decide whther to fuck her sissy man hard up the ass or make him grovel and suck that schlong like the little crybaby he is!

See Physically strong men go weak and submissive with untold perversions performed on their grovelling bodies! This is addictive viewing for those that like to see men getting what is coming to them at the hands of capable women! All images below lead to free galleries and more info, if you’re interested!

These are just some of the recent updates that you can see as men are anally humiliated, with dildos, strap ons, temperature takings and made to suck off these instruments or shemales that are brought in to fully humiliate these once strong guys! On top of that they are verbally abused  and physically chastised with spankings and embarrassing over the knee discipline fully naked! Check out the extensive tour pages and see the latest movies now being released HERE

Fem Dom Spanking Art

I can’t help but admire some of the imagery of these fantastic drawings as you’ll see below, just click on the image and it will take you to a fabulous site and a free preview gallery of that artist’s work that showcases many submissions from around the world. I have got 2 artists here who I have seen before and have always secretly admired their work… the thought and detail of the situations… imagine you are that naughty young man, with his ass poking out, getting thrashed red raw, whilst your aching manhood is held tightly… I know many a naughty would get off on such material and spanking “punishment” it would seem… these women know exactly what these very naughty lads are up to… it’s a punishment, goddammit!!! However, it’s one I could totally identify with in these amazing fantasy drawings… it’s got me thinking I could do with some hard lashings and cock handling in OTK situations like these too! Please take a look and decide for yourselves!

From Waldo – just 2 of an amazing set of images…

A 2nd drawing from the accomplished Waldo – a more humiliating theme before his spanking!!!

& from the well known erotic punishment and spanking artist, Franco – a couple of his works are highlighted here, by clicking on the images it will take you to a collection of highly erotic top Fem Dom and M/M spanking galleries of more of his work.

Now all of this amazing artwork couldn’t be complete without one of the finest producers on the planet, the amazing Kami Tora who not only produces some extremely erotic top female spanking pictures and such, but I only recently discovered that his work covers all the realms of this fetish including some very dark (and it looks painful) Fem Dom humiliation and strap on punishments… but I think this image below sums up just how delightful his work is… click on the image and you’ll see a gallery of some other equally humiliating and submissive men getting much more than they bargained for! Priceless!

I hope you enjoyed this diversion, I will be back later with a preview clip and some additional and unseen images from Clare Fonda’s favorite sub, Kade… as she teaches him the meaning of “The Missionary Position” :)