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strap on sex - pegging

I have had a few requests to update Femdom sites that contain an act of humiliation (though it is often pleasurable to the male partner) called “Pegging”. I have included several definitions from Urban Dictionaries – if you’re Okay with this I shall be including the best sites I can find that contain these acts. I often consider myself “pan-sexual” as I grow older and seeing this or experiencing it wouldn’t faze me one little bit. In fact, I’d get a real kick out of showcasing some great content… I have found some great GiFs which shows the woman on top with strap on “pegging” her man below…

Definition taken from Urban Dictionary HERE

femdom pegging fucking and pegging her man strap on sex

When the tables are voluntarily turned on heterosexual anal intercourse and the female servicee becomes the servicer for the man. Because most women don’t have penises, a strap-on dildo is necessary.

1. Man: “I really feel like getting fucked in the ass today, but I don’t dig that whole gay lifestyle”
Woman: “Okay honey, then I’ll strap on L’il Pearl and we’ll do some pegging then”

2. Dutchy: “Jude’s wife fucked him in the ass with a dildo! She pegged him! He’s gonna take his wife’s maiden name!”

she fucks his ass pegging

& then there is this explanation below: Pegging

When a woman fucks a man in the ass with a strap-on dildo. It’s definitely a very touchy practice, especially in the straight male community. It is often thought of as a homosexual sex act. However, this is not true. Straight men often think that their dominance and masculinity will be in jeopardy if they even think about anything “gay” at all, let alone a female fucking them with a rubber dick. Pegging is not a gay thing whatsoever. No matter how you take it apart and put it back together, it is still sex between a man and a woman. In other words; straight sex. It is certainly enjoyable, given that the right amount of communication and comfort were considered. It is typically not a good idea to surprise a man by simply walking out of the bathroom with a strap-on dildo equipped and ready to use. This will probably lead to rejection and discomfort. The truth is that anal play, no matter what gender, is enjoyable if performed correctly. The ass has a shitload of nerve endings that will feel fucking amazing if stimulated properly and with plenty of lube. It probably feels better for a man to receive anal sex rather than a woman due to the prostate gland inside the male ass. I shit you not, an orgasm can be achieved by directly touching and stimulating the prostate gland without any need for touching the penis at all. And it feels out of this fucking world amazing.

John – Hey, Julia, wanna fuck?
Julia – Okay, John! I’ll ride you! I’m so wet!
John – No, I was talking about pegging me!
Julia – Oh! In that case, I’ll grab the strap-on and lube up. Bend your ass over and let me fuck your tight asshole till you cum, then you can shoot it all over my tits!

pegging on top pegging her guy with a strap on dildo Pegging her man


Sarah Gregory Spanks her Teacher

Sarah Gregory visits her teacher’s office. He makes a flirting proposal on how she can improve her grade, which she records on her phone and blackmails him for not only an “A” but also a long, painful spanking with her hand and a leather paddle. Sarah shows off her excellent spanking skills. The latest film from Clare Spanks Men

001 003 004 006 007 008 009 010 011 012 013 014 015 016

This was a particularly embarrassing first time spanking punishment given to Sarah’s teacher who could never have imagined how his day would end! See the FULL video HERE

Sadistic Nurse

Talia Lane enjoys humiliating her patients. She drags David Weston out of his wheelchair and dons latex gloves to inspect him anally, before giving him a hard bare bottom spanking

This hot and very edgy spanking scenario was dreamed up by the performers themselves – real-life couple David Weston and Talia Lane. They wanted to explore a humiliating institutional punishment, incorporating David’s wheelchair in a role in which his character is completely helpless.

Dreams-of-Spanking_sadistic-nurse002 Dreams-of-Spanking_sadistic-nurse011

Talia plays the sadistic nurse, and David the care home resident whom she gleefully torments. She molests him and fondles his body, and when he protests, she drags him out of the wheelchair and holds him down over her knee, pulling down his pyjamas to administer a bare bottom spanking. When he struggles and tries to escape, it only provokes her to spank him harder, telling him that if he reports her no-one will believe him.

Dreams-of-Spanking_sadistic-nurse019 Dreams-of-Spanking_sadistic-nurse023

Snapping on medical latex gloves, Talia insists on a close inspection of David’s bottom to make sure he’s ‘nice and clean.’ David wriggles and hides his face in shame, but Talia completes his humiliation – and keeps the gloves on to administer a flurry of sharp smacks to his exposed bare bottom. She’s enjoying his suffering so much that she reaches for the wooden hairbrush beside the bed, to spank him harder. Poor David’s punished bottom glows red and he can’t help crying out – so Talia silences him with a gloved hand clamped over his mouth.

Dreams-of-Spanking_sadistic-nurse028 Dreams-of-Spanking_sadistic-nurse033

The sadistic nurse refuses to stop until David admits that he’s enjoying her unwanted attentions. She insists on performing a striptease, undressing down to her sexy bra and panties, and then forces herself on him, placing his hands on her body. Her bewildered, vulnerable patient doesn’t know what to do as she holds his hand over her breasts and tells him how much he’s enjoying himself. To drive the lesson home, she takes him back over her knee for one last hard spanking with the hairbrush.


Dreams of Spanking aims to provide a safe space for real life couples to explore their deepest, darkest fantasies – and there’s no denying that this kinky roleplay is pretty dark. This uniquely hot scene brings together coercion, medical play, humiliation and anal eroticism with David’s love of nurse uniforms and latex gloves, and Talia’s fetish for teasing and domination – plus, of course, their mutual love of spanking.



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