Classic Man Spanking from Shadowlane

The Shadowlane website HERE has a selection of F/M films, many of which were made many years ago and have been lovingly restored to best possible quality (it’s very watchable… as I have just seen this one below). It’s called Sore Losers and stars a hapless young man called Todd… he has just been spanked by Cheslea Pfeiffer (reason enough for his bottom to be a glowing red) – but here, i thought I’d like to concentrate on a particular spanking scene where he receives the second part of his ongoing session at the hands and over the lap of Virginia Lewis whilst Chelsea takes position to scold and mock him further, adding to his humiliation!

It’s pretty darned hot… and well worth taking a look further, this website will appeal to those who like the sexier and more intimate style of punishments, and will REALLY appeal to switches… as shown by this little gem of a film!

Images and free clip c/o

shadowlane spanking bare exposed spanking punishment spanking 2 3 (1) telling him off before spanking his sorry ass embarrassed man given a spanking by a woman bare bottom spanking F/M spankings 5 6 (1) embarrassing OTK spanking

The full story… Todd finds that he’s disturbed the wrong two women in the second half of Sore Losers. Chelsea drags Todd into her suite, where she and Virginia righteously administer to the hapless young man a spanking to rival the one they have just heard him give his girlfriend in the next room! In this scene… Todd goes over Virginia’s knee for his second bare bottom session of the day. The naughty lad endures plenty of mocking, teasing and sharp scolding from both of these dominant ladies while receiving his correction.

OK… I know how you guys LOVE Chelsea as a dominant… so here’s a couple of pics and a great trailer of her punishing naughty boy Todd  (Some would say he is lucky, lol!)

OTK spanking chels1 prone on the spanking bench spanking bench Chelsea spanking Todd OTK


Spanking a Diva Boss

I admit that I am quite poor at receiving a punishment… probably because I prefer my personal spankings to be more sexual… and draped over Sarah’s lap, it’s not hard to work out why! She is without doubt one of the best spankers out there… I’d make a terrible brat and wouldn’t last 5 seconds, but that 10% of me that switches understands real punishment when it is time for that spanking to begin!

Come here for your spanking!

For example: take the lovely sight of Gigi Allens before us… if it was me I’d be thinking “oh boy… this will be good, she is gorgeous, i’ll just grind a bit and enjoy the sensation of her spanking me.” Well, as gorgeous as she looks, she is more akin to an Amazonian woman… this striking 6 ft Australian lady will THRASH your ass to a pulp if you dare assume she is a sexual object when it comes to punishment time.

get over my lap for your spanking

In this new film from we see a part POV-esque camera angle – so we see it is Gigi spanking… and of course, she doesn’t go lightly at all… using a nasty stinging bathbrush… so the camera captures these scenes too. I’m too scared to take the bathbrush, I’ve had a few swats myself so fear it completely… I have full respect for those that can take wood like this though… I understand wht it is sometimes needed too! Do go check out this film and many more with stunning Gigi Allens “doing her thing” to us naughty guys!

OTK man spanking Gigi Allens spanks men OTK spanking over his boxers pulling down his boxer shorts for that spanking Gigi spanks hard scolding by Gigi Allens bathbrush OTK spanking 011 bare bottom OTK spanking 013 bathbrush spanking POV angle of being spanked by Gigi

Gigi Allens is tired of how spoiled her diva boss is, so this stunning makeup artist takes matters into her own hands by putting that scoundrel right over her knee for a painful spanking with her hand and wooden bath brush until he learns some manners.

Dominated by mistress Gigi Allens

“That’s it… Get out!” – see MORE at

Medical Femdom

Hello everyone, I am sorry for the delay in getting back to you here… I had been away and also rather busy so it was difficult to update this blog but hopefully with a new found passion for Femdom of all styles and humiliation, I came across this group of sites.

Visit Medical Femdom website

They are the Russian kinksters behind – one of the few Russian fetish sites I like… and this new niche they are starting is rather interesting. There had been plenty of female embarrassment and medical examination videos before… but never ones specifically for men. Well, now you can put yourself in the precarious position of these guys as there is both the prospect of being jerked off by gorgeous dirty nurses and medical staff but at the same time there is often a high price to pay for this as these guys find out…

This is the new dilemma facing these gentlemen at – they’ll coax you to disrobe, as you would expect for an examination, but once naked and vulnerable they might ridicule your manhood, examine you where you feel uncomfortable then bring you back with some enjoyable penis play (which you are pleasantly surprised at) before demanding something else demeaning – it isn’t easy… but for some submissive gentlemen, the wait is worth the release they get at the end.


I have picked on this recent update of a gentlemen who looks a little like President Putin (which made me smile) and these Russian nurses really do go that little bit further in an intimate exam of him than you’d expect!!!

001a humiliating medical examinations 003 nurses strip male patient 005 007 wanking patient off embarrassed and jerked off 010 011 012 femdom facesitting 014 femdom sucking cock 016 017 femdom masturbation 019 020

This could be your dream come true or an absolute nightmare losing control like this!

Looking at those juicy hot bodies of the female medical staff, even the most shy man could lose his head and start worshipping these horny ladies until they milk him dry! See the extended special preview (below):

Open up your eyes for a brand new reality of dirty-minded doctors and their wicked assistants always craving for men to play with and control! Watch dozens of stories of naïve males tortured, played with, coaxed or ridiculed, dominated and milked dry. It is a new unforgettable perverted view of femdom control for those with a core medical fetish!

Visit for the TRIAL OFFER HERE!

Visit Medical Femdom website


This is the title of the latest Femdom spanking film from the makers of English Spankers and Spanking Sarah comes their latest hot female spanking male film! It stars one of my fave UK fetish models and all round delightful perv, Lola Marie, who I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with on several occasions and hope to again sometime soon! Check out the images below taken directly from the movie and see how she quickly turns the tables on yet another weak man… there’s a switch side to Lola which you gentlemen may not have seen before and it is awesome!

ssm-061004 ssm-061005 ssm-061007 wanking ssm-061011 spanking ssm-061018 ssm-061022 ssm-061024 hairbrush spanking ssm-061033 OTK Spanking ssm-061035

Kodders thinks that he would like a sexy session with the very lovely Lola Marie and calls round to see her. He gets her to strip off and do some naughty things on the bed but then when she demands her money he has to tell her he is skint! She does not take this very well and decides that as he has used her for his pleasure she will now make use of him, of his bare bottom in particular. She is naked on the bed as she makes him lay over her knees for a good hard spanking with her hand and then with the back of her hair brush. This should teach him but will it?



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