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A few images and video clips from DreamsofSpanking.com as it is far more than just a spanking site, it covers many of pandora’s core kinks from her feminine gaze including many excellent Femdom films like the couple I am about to remind you of here, as well as male on male films which I will discuss in detail in future at some of my other promotional sites. If Femdom is your thing, or you simply like seeing Pandora Blake and friends get one over on their male counterparts…. then take a look at the following then check out her site and see for yourself!

Drunk & Disorderly – features hard judicial caning scenes!

After a night in the cells, Vincent’s obnoxious behaviour irritates the officer processing his paperwork so much that she decides to make his day a little more unpleasant. A strip search does him no favours, and he is given a choice: a lengthy court process culminating in eventual jail time, or judicial corporal punishment and a same-day release. Thinking that a WPC can’t possibly do that much damage, Vincent consents to the judicial caning. He is in for a hell of a shock. His big mouth earns him more and more strokes, leading to a total of 30 full-force strokes of the cane.

Dreams-of-Spanking_drunk-disorderly001 Dreams-of-Spanking_drunk-disorderly020 Dreams-of-Spanking_drunk-disorderly033 Dreams-of-Spanking_drunk-disorderly035 Dreams-of-Spanking_drunk-disorderly051 Dreams-of-Spanking_drunk-disorderly056



Maintaining Discipline

Headmaster Mike Pain runs a very traditional school. Students are kept in line using strict, firm corporal punishment. New teacher Pandora Blake has never given a beating before, but as she bubbles with curiosity (and perhaps a hint of desire?) Mr Pain offers to let her practice on him. He bends over the desk to let Pandora beat his bare bottom with the slipper and the ruler. But is there more to this than just a lesson?

Dreams-of-Spanking_maintaining-discipline1005 Dreams-of-Spanking_maintaining-discipline1009 Dreams-of-Spanking_maintaining-discipline1014 Dreams-of-Spanking_maintaining-discipline1015 Dreams-of-Spanking_maintaining-discipline1016 Dreams-of-Spanking_maintaining-discipline1020 Dreams-of-Spanking_maintaining-discipline1023 Dreams-of-Spanking_maintaining-discipline1024


Cougars Spanking Young Men

I know Clare Fonda doesn’t really spank online anymore, but she has contributed so much across so many sites…. I just wanted to find a typical “CF video” with her playing out one of her favorite roles, because it is who she loves being… You know,  that creepy cougar that your mom warned you about! Here, she entices in Pete from next door but before she will let him have her… (young guys are so easy!) she wants to see just how far he’ll go to bed a sexy cougar like Clare! These young lads need some discipline in their lives and she’s only too happy to see if they can take it! Fair play to Pete… but then again, I’d do anything to be over Clare’s knee getting a scolding and a spanking… wouldn’t you?

clare fonda the cougar 002 003 015 011 004 clare spanks her man 005 006 hairbrush OTK spanking Clare Fonda spanks Pete hairbrush spankings

You can see this and many more POV style, and hard hitting/humiliating femdom films of strong and weak guys, young and old at the aptly named ClareSpanksMen.com – Clare is a star, but there are so many sexy and naughty girls taking her role to spank us errant males… so check it out – STILL one of the HOTTEST Femdom spanking sites out there today!


Franco Femdom Spanking Art – 1

Sometimes it’s nice to imagine, without the constraints of the physical world… a fertile world of our imagination via the sadistic and beautifully twisted drawings and artwork of Franco, I will be showing my faves in between news update blog posts.

Let me know if you want to see more of these to make this a regular feature with other artists!

Franco - Matrons Piano Lesson

Matron’s Piano Lesson – artist: Franco

A Spanking and Caning for the Doctor


A caning for Doctor Kodders – The latest hard punishment video is out now in full HD. Witness the complete submission of a highly educated and (you would summise) a future leader in the medical profession as his ass gets owned by the nursing staff around him in the right now and right here!

This latest film is exclusive to Sarah Spanks Men

ssm-042004 ssm-042005 ssm-042006 ssm-042009 ssm-042010 ssm-042012 ssm-042013 ssm-042014 ssm-042015 ssm-042016 ssm-042018 ssm-042020

Junior doctor Kodders has been punished once with a severe spanking and Sister Stern is quite happy with that, nurse Portia Roux however has other ideas. She tells the unfortunate doctor that in her opinion he deserves a good hard session with the cane. She wants to put into practice the skills she has just learnt. Poor Kodders has to bend over and Nurse Portia sets about swishing his bare bottom with her thin whippy cane. A real good caning for Kodders.

Check out the free clip below – plays in Flash only – (courtesy of Spankingtube)


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