Sarah Gregory Spanks her Teacher

Sarah Gregory visits her teacher’s office. He makes a flirting proposal on how she can improve her grade, which she records on her phone and blackmails him for not only an “A” but also a long, painful spanking with her hand and a leather paddle. Sarah shows off her excellent spanking skills. The latest film from Clare Spanks Men

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This was a particularly embarrassing first time spanking punishment given to Sarah’s teacher who could never have imagined how his day would end! See the FULL video HERE

Sadistic Nurse

Talia Lane enjoys humiliating her patients. She drags David Weston out of his wheelchair and dons latex gloves to inspect him anally, before giving him a hard bare bottom spanking

This hot and very edgy spanking scenario was dreamed up by the performers themselves – real-life couple David Weston and Talia Lane. They wanted to explore a humiliating institutional punishment, incorporating David’s wheelchair in a role in which his character is completely helpless.

Dreams-of-Spanking_sadistic-nurse002 Dreams-of-Spanking_sadistic-nurse011

Talia plays the sadistic nurse, and David the care home resident whom she gleefully torments. She molests him and fondles his body, and when he protests, she drags him out of the wheelchair and holds him down over her knee, pulling down his pyjamas to administer a bare bottom spanking. When he struggles and tries to escape, it only provokes her to spank him harder, telling him that if he reports her no-one will believe him.

Dreams-of-Spanking_sadistic-nurse019 Dreams-of-Spanking_sadistic-nurse023

Snapping on medical latex gloves, Talia insists on a close inspection of David’s bottom to make sure he’s ‘nice and clean.’ David wriggles and hides his face in shame, but Talia completes his humiliation – and keeps the gloves on to administer a flurry of sharp smacks to his exposed bare bottom. She’s enjoying his suffering so much that she reaches for the wooden hairbrush beside the bed, to spank him harder. Poor David’s punished bottom glows red and he can’t help crying out – so Talia silences him with a gloved hand clamped over his mouth.

Dreams-of-Spanking_sadistic-nurse028 Dreams-of-Spanking_sadistic-nurse033

The sadistic nurse refuses to stop until David admits that he’s enjoying her unwanted attentions. She insists on performing a striptease, undressing down to her sexy bra and panties, and then forces herself on him, placing his hands on her body. Her bewildered, vulnerable patient doesn’t know what to do as she holds his hand over her breasts and tells him how much he’s enjoying himself. To drive the lesson home, she takes him back over her knee for one last hard spanking with the hairbrush.


Dreams of Spanking aims to provide a safe space for real life couples to explore their deepest, darkest fantasies – and there’s no denying that this kinky roleplay is pretty dark. This uniquely hot scene brings together coercion, medical play, humiliation and anal eroticism with David’s love of nurse uniforms and latex gloves, and Talia’s fetish for teasing and domination – plus, of course, their mutual love of spanking.



Humiliating Sexual Spankings

Think you’ve earned the right to play or become one of the divine bitches play things? This is an exclusive spanking and sexual humiliation club that YOU can see more of HERE


Beautiful yet deadly – skilled in the art of serious FemDom, pain and pleasure! Check out the FREE Clip from this video which you can see in full HD from

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A strong man humiliated and dominated by a beautiful woman in such a manner as this can be hard to take for some guys… this may look like someone’s wet dream… but to earn any pleasure is virtually forbidden and Mistress ALWAYS cums first no matter what… and if you’re a good obedient little slave then maybe you’ll be allowed to experience physical pleasure too, although Mistress will want to ruin your orgasms for her own enjoyment. Still think you are up to the challenge? It can be so frustrating… see how grown strong men cope with this challenge HERE



Amateur Paddling Spanking Film

There is a very interesting new movie update at this week as Sarah tells us that she is keen to involve real life “femdom” amateurs onto her website along with the very professional films that she makes. This is a nice touch and shows a most realistic and gritty side to some amateur produced stuff such as this. The film quality may not be as good but the action and realism are from a couple who practice their beliefs in their own dungeon which makes this all the more fascinating to view!

Check out some screen images I have for you (below) along with what Sarah Stern had to say about this new introduction and style of spanking & paddling film. If there is any news, I will let you all know here.


femdom spanking girls thrashing men male thrashed ass AM04 wooden paddle AM06 AM07 femdom paddling spanked and paddled AM10 AM11 AM12 femdom amateur mistress femdom paddling bare bottom his bare ass paddled

This is what Sarah had to say: “I have something different again this week, one of my members, an amateur film maker shot a number of short films in his local dungeon some time ago, he did not know what to do with them and has offered them to me. I think they are fresh, erotic and very different and I would like to encourage others to send me their films. I will put a post in my blog so that you will get the idea of what I want and offer. This film features big busty lady she has a very nasty wooden paddle and she has a willing victim bent over. He gets a very comprehensive paddling and it goes to make a real good film and different from anything else I have, let me know what you think.”

paddled by mistress

Check it out for yourselves at this great hard hitting Femdom Site HERE


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