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If your medical insurance runs out or becomes invalid in Russia, this is the type of humiliating and shoddy treatment some can expect away from the big population centers… deep in the countryside where no one gives a damn about male dignity comes this explosive new site exploring male humiliation, submission and embarrassment when it comes to medical examinations.
At first glance you’d be pleasantly surprised to see one or two sexy looking nurses, but their medical expertise isn’t up to much and they soon show their agenda by always trying to milk their men… the shame of it…. making your average Joe cum for them when all they wanted was a simple blood test or results from a previous visit… oh no, these “nurses” will humiliate these guys and jerking them off harshly, milking them like animals and giggling at their manhoods with measuring instruments.
I can tell you – it is NOT ny idea of fun being there… but perhaps you’ll enjoy seeing the excruciating embarrassment and delicious shame that these men endure! Check out one such examination… this poor chap was stripped, measured, prodded then harshly milked and left to clean up afterwards while his sample was carefully catalogued!

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See more innocent men humiliated exclusively at Medical Femdom


Caning the Plumber

Don’t you hate it when you get shoddy workmen ruining your home you have carefully maintained or taking you for a ride and ripping you off when they say they can fix things when they clearly can not? Terry was one such guy who turned up at Sarah’s place and he regretted the day he ever set foot in the door… he is one of those “plumbers” we might rely on from time to time… it’s safe to say this guy learnt his lesson FROM THE SEVERE CANING he received… read on!

ssm-070001 ssm-070004 caning ssm-070009 ssm-070010caning his sorry ass

Terry has got to be the worst plumber in the world and I have just given him what I thought was quite a severe punishment. He seemed to think it was all a big joke and did not take me seriously. He just has to be taught a lesson he will not forget in a hurry. When I produce my cane he is not quite so sure of himself but being a big strong man he has to bend over. I really did whack his bare bottom I can tell you. He did not think it funny when he left my house later that day.

ssm-070012 ssm-070016 ssm-070017 caning by a woman ssm-070020 ssm-070022 caned and shamed



Classic Man Spanking from Shadowlane

The Shadowlane website HERE has a selection of F/M films, many of which were made many years ago and have been lovingly restored to best possible quality (it’s very watchable… as I have just seen this one below). It’s called Sore Losers and stars a hapless young man called Todd… he has just been spanked by Cheslea Pfeiffer (reason enough for his bottom to be a glowing red) – but here, i thought I’d like to concentrate on a particular spanking scene where he receives the second part of his ongoing session at the hands and over the lap of Virginia Lewis whilst Chelsea takes position to scold and mock him further, adding to his humiliation!

It’s pretty darned hot… and well worth taking a look further, this website will appeal to those who like the sexier and more intimate style of punishments, and will REALLY appeal to switches… as shown by this little gem of a film!

Images and free clip c/o

shadowlane spanking bare exposed spanking punishment spanking 2 3 (1) telling him off before spanking his sorry ass embarrassed man given a spanking by a woman bare bottom spanking F/M spankings 5 6 (1) embarrassing OTK spanking

The full story… Todd finds that he’s disturbed the wrong two women in the second half of Sore Losers. Chelsea drags Todd into her suite, where she and Virginia righteously administer to the hapless young man a spanking to rival the one they have just heard him give his girlfriend in the next room! In this scene… Todd goes over Virginia’s knee for his second bare bottom session of the day. The naughty lad endures plenty of mocking, teasing and sharp scolding from both of these dominant ladies while receiving his correction.

OK… I know how you guys LOVE Chelsea as a dominant… so here’s a couple of pics and a great trailer of her punishing naughty boy Todd  (Some would say he is lucky, lol!)

OTK spanking chels1 prone on the spanking bench spanking bench Chelsea spanking Todd OTK


Spanking a Diva Boss

I admit that I am quite poor at receiving a punishment… probably because I prefer my personal spankings to be more sexual… and draped over Sarah’s lap, it’s not hard to work out why! She is without doubt one of the best spankers out there… I’d make a terrible brat and wouldn’t last 5 seconds, but that 10% of me that switches understands real punishment when it is time for that spanking to begin!

Come here for your spanking!

For example: take the lovely sight of Gigi Allens before us… if it was me I’d be thinking “oh boy… this will be good, she is gorgeous, i’ll just grind a bit and enjoy the sensation of her spanking me.” Well, as gorgeous as she looks, she is more akin to an Amazonian woman… this striking 6 ft Australian lady will THRASH your ass to a pulp if you dare assume she is a sexual object when it comes to punishment time.

get over my lap for your spanking

In this new film from we see a part POV-esque camera angle – so we see it is Gigi spanking… and of course, she doesn’t go lightly at all… using a nasty stinging bathbrush… so the camera captures these scenes too. I’m too scared to take the bathbrush, I’ve had a few swats myself so fear it completely… I have full respect for those that can take wood like this though… I understand wht it is sometimes needed too! Do go check out this film and many more with stunning Gigi Allens “doing her thing” to us naughty guys!

OTK man spanking Gigi Allens spanks men OTK spanking over his boxers pulling down his boxer shorts for that spanking Gigi spanks hard scolding by Gigi Allens bathbrush OTK spanking 011 bare bottom OTK spanking 013 bathbrush spanking POV angle of being spanked by Gigi

Gigi Allens is tired of how spoiled her diva boss is, so this stunning makeup artist takes matters into her own hands by putting that scoundrel right over her knee for a painful spanking with her hand and wooden bath brush until he learns some manners.

Dominated by mistress Gigi Allens

“That’s it… Get out!” – see MORE at

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