A Thorough Hairbrush Spanking

Hairbrushes are among my favorite spanking implements to wield, but receiving them, well… that is another matter. Of all the simple household objects one can use, wooden (or in this case ceramic backed) hairbrushes are probably the most painful. They look so innocent, but can give so much pain when administered on a bare bottom!
As this week’s gentleman at Sarah Spanks Men was to find out! See what Sarah had to say about her latest encounter!


Nigel came to see me just after Christmas and after some prevarication came out with it and told me what he had done. Now it was something pretty stupid but I realised that there was more to it than just this incident. He had quite a lot of things on his conscience and really needed to confess these things to someone who would listen and then punish him an the required manner. He has chosen the right person for that. I decided that for the first part of his punishment he should be spanked and then feel the weight of my ceramic backed wooden hairbrush. This really does sting and he was soon squirming.

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POV man Spanking by Gigi Allens

Gigi Allens is simply stunning in this latest POV Man Spanking style film. This Australian babe takes no crap from the men in her life as you’ll see when her weak husband ends up over her knee after a strong scolding! this film allows you to play that husband in this POV-style and there’s a little artistic license as you see the spanking but it is primarily about Gigi spanking… as you’ll see!

Secretly I think her man  likes this as I would LOVE to be over her lap, nestling into her strong thighs as she told me what a bad person I was… but I am  digressing!!! Check out her (un)lucky(?) husband getting a good hard spanking…. (below)

Gigi Allens Spanks Husband in Kitchen


The amazing Gigi Allens is back again, this time spanking her husband (POV) in her kitchen because he is not doing all that she has asked. A stern, strong woman like this will not tolerate disobedience and she puts the shamed man over her knee for a hard spanking he will never forget!

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That’s right… that wooden spoon really hurt and now you’re going to stabnd in the corner like a stupid little boy without being able to rub that sore feeling away while she looks at you and gloats…. to add  further humiliation! Don’t do it again!!!



Lots more HOT girls spanking and punishing men the way they do it in California!


More Humiliating Femdom Examinations


If your medical insurance runs out or becomes invalid in Russia, this is the type of humiliating and shoddy treatment some can expect away from the big population centers… deep in the countryside where no one gives a damn about male dignity comes this explosive new site exploring male humiliation, submission and embarrassment when it comes to medical examinations.
At first glance you’d be pleasantly surprised to see one or two sexy looking nurses, but their medical expertise isn’t up to much and they soon show their agenda by always trying to milk their men… the shame of it…. making your average Joe cum for them when all they wanted was a simple blood test or results from a previous visit… oh no, these “nurses” will humiliate these guys and jerking them off harshly, milking them like animals and giggling at their manhoods with measuring instruments.
I can tell you – it is NOT ny idea of fun being there… but perhaps you’ll enjoy seeing the excruciating embarrassment and delicious shame that these men endure! Check out one such examination… this poor chap was stripped, measured, prodded then harshly milked and left to clean up afterwards while his sample was carefully catalogued!

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See more innocent men humiliated exclusively at Medical Femdom


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