Spanking Tai Crimson

It’s been a while since I last updated this femdom spanking blog so here goes with a cracking film which had been shown recently at Clare Spanks Men – it features a video – spanking Tai Crimson (who I think looks HOT in this short sharp shock spanking and punishment film). The spanker? None other than the gorgeous Alex Reynolds… she plays his step sister in this brat spanking extravaganza.

I will refer to Tai as “he” in this scene as the role is that of a bratty step brother… however, Tai is extremely gender fluid at the moment and starting the transition taking estrogen shots (or oestrogen in British English). However, in this video, Tai plays the bratty brother of Alex to perfection… getting a deserved and well smacked butt (just take a look at the images below and you’ll see what I mean!)


Alex Reynolds can’t get over how bratty her step brother Tai is and because their mothers aren’t doing anything at all to discipline him, she takes it upon herself to put him over her knee for a long, hard spanking with her hand and a wooden bath brush.

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Clare Spanks Men


Raging Wife Angry Mistress

check out danaspecht.comGentlemen… Say “hello” to Dana Specht – if you didn’t know by now she has had her own site for a while so has some unique F/M content and some great collaborations with her girl, Sarah Gregory as well. Here is one such typical M/F brutal spanking film that you can see which shows why you should never cross Momma Dana…
whether you are a naughty boy OR girl!

Dana Specht - spanking men and girls

Dana can be nice… so very nice 🙂 but please NEVER piss her off! You do so at your own peril!

Raging Wife Angry Mistress

The title of this post comes from a rather good long hard video that sees bad hubby Lee cheating on his wife, Dana Specht, with a younger mistress, Sarah Gregory. However, he has been stringing both along until this very moment when they both discover his lies and deception and the only outcome is a joint humiliating and brutal punishment spanking that saw Lee wish he never “had that cake and eaten it whole!” He was going to choke on those bitter crumbs of infidelity as the ladies took it out on his bare behind mercilessly. This is one of the many films that you can now see at – images and animated Gifs are from her site.

dana and sarah are going to spank this oaf

When Dana arrives home and finds her husband Lee in bed with the lovely Sarah Gregory, she is livid and Sarah is shocked to learn he is a married man. Needless to say, she is not too happy with him either! The two irate ladies decide he needs to learn a lesson the hard way for his betrayal to the both of them and they take turns hand spanking, strapping, and paddling his bare bottom. Fast, non-stop action with no mercy shown to Lee as he cries and howls to their deaf ears. This punished husband ends up with a very red and bruised bottom.

spanking a badly behaved man danaspecht-185-014 danaspecht-186-006 ouchie spanking punishments danaspecht-190-003 danaspecht-190-007 rw1  danaspecht-190-013 danaspecht-190-020 severe spanking and bare bottom strapping danaspecht-191-008 danaspecht-191-012  rw2danaspecht-191-013 danaspecht-191-016 femdom strappings danaspecht-197-011 danaspecht-197-014 spanking and paddling




A Thorough Hairbrush Spanking

Hairbrushes are among my favorite spanking implements to wield, but receiving them, well… that is another matter. Of all the simple household objects one can use, wooden (or in this case ceramic backed) hairbrushes are probably the most painful. They look so innocent, but can give so much pain when administered on a bare bottom!
As this week’s gentleman at Sarah Spanks Men was to find out! See what Sarah had to say about her latest encounter!


Nigel came to see me just after Christmas and after some prevarication came out with it and told me what he had done. Now it was something pretty stupid but I realised that there was more to it than just this incident. He had quite a lot of things on his conscience and really needed to confess these things to someone who would listen and then punish him an the required manner. He has chosen the right person for that. I decided that for the first part of his punishment he should be spanked and then feel the weight of my ceramic backed wooden hairbrush. This really does sting and he was soon squirming.

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